How to Guide Part 1: Basics on Gender Data.

What is Gender Data?

☝️Gender Data is a term that captures a set of multiple concepts. The first thing to clarify to the readers of this guide, is that Gender Data is not only Data disagrated by sex 🚺🚹. It is data related to gender issues or gender perspectives.

Gender Data goes beyond Biological sex Division

🚀Gender Data goes beyond the biological sex division. It is a methodology to question and challenge the way we create Data: What type of data do we want to collect? 📈📉 What is this data showing us?  🤓Who is generating the dataset? Who is asking?👩‍🎓👨‍🎓  Who is answering the questions?  🙋‍♀️

There are differences between biological sexes, as well as differences in the social construction of gender roles, and what Gender Data Analysis provides is a way to show how these differences are represented in a meaningful way. 

Look to this summarized video about what is the immportance of GenderData.

Gender Data challenges the 🤷‍♀️ missing information about women and girls’ lives or how this data is biased.

 For example, when we talk about Covid’s impact in society, and do not split the way how it has impacted more severely to women and girls than to men is a biased picture of reality 👎. According to ILO 5% of women have lost their jobs due to covid crisis vs 3.9% men, or according to Mo Ibrahim Foundation more than 1M African Girls will not go back to school due to the pandemic.

What can Gender Data provide?

Gender Data is a tool 🔧to fight against the lack of disaggregated by sex data, as well as data representing all genders. This implies that data is not neutral  🚫 because bias underlies the way data is collected, modelled, processed, and published. 

⚡️⚡️Gender Data provides methodologies to change ⚠️ the current patterns around data collection and data modelling and provide new ways to represent 🔍 our societies. Measuring how society looks like with exact data, looks like something possible in the Data Driven Societies we live in.

We also recommend this Videos

There it goes! 3 basic videos, that will hellp you to better understand the importance of Gender Data, how biased we are alll, and the causes and conseqüences of Gender Data Gaps.

Gender Data by Queen Rania from Jordania

Basics on Gender Data, for beginners

Caroline Criado Pérez and Gender Data Gaps

An amazing Keynote by Carolina Criado Pérez

Data 2x Video playlist

Nice recopilation by Data2x youtube video channel

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