Adding DataSets to the repository is much easier than what you might think, the only requirement is to be a registered user.

There are 5 steps


Log in with your username and password. Username is always lower case


Go to menu, and click on DataSets section. Here is where we are starting to talk, sis


Click the add Datasets red button. Remember that you will only see this button if you have registered and are logged in.


Creating a Dataset means you will have to provide Information or “metadata” about the dataset. For example, the title and publisher, date, what formats it is available in, what license it is released under, etc.

  • Title of the Dataset: Make it brief but specific.
  • Description: Include information such as where the data is from and and/or any information that people will need to know when using the data.
  • Tags:  Adding tags help people find the data subjects and link it with other related data.  
  • License – Include license information so that people know how they can use the dataset. We recommend If you need to use a license not on the list, contact: help@digitalfems.org
  • Organization. You can include the organization name which you might belong or include it to the wiki data hub repository if you do not belong to any Organisation.
  • Visibility: Your dataset can be Public or Private, which means that it is hosted in the repository but not available to the site visitors  
  • Source: Indicate the origin of. the data, by typing uurl
  • Author & Author e-mail: The name of the person or organization responsible for producing the data and the email to which queries about the data should be sent.
  • Maintainer / maintainer e-mail: If necessary, details for a second person responsible for the data.

Types of licenses: You can find a summary of the main licenses you can choose. We  recommend OpenData Commons OpenDataSet or Creative Commons ones


The final step is key. This dataset will be uploaded and extra information is required

  • Upload: Choose a File and Upload it by cllicking the upload button
  • Name: This is an important task, as the file will be identified under this naming
  • Description: A verry short description of the dataset
  • Format: You can upload it inn CVS, Jason, even PDF (for read me purpose)


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